Sport shock absorbers

Product description

MTS Technik® shock absorbers are well-known for its sportiness. Optimal alignment allowed to reach a compromise between rigidity and ride comfort. With the shortened working stroke our shock absorbers are designed for use with lowering springs up to 80mm! The long durability is a consequence of caring for a stable and safe ride. A two-year warranty with unlimited kilometers is valid for all dampers.


  • twin-tube construction
  • all dampers are gas filled. High pressure gas pushes the hydraulic fluid, which does prevent the "foaming" oil effect (as opposed to oil damper) and guaranty that the shock absorbers retain their efficiency even during extensive use.
  • some rear shock absorbers are height adjustable (adjustable spring plate) - this allows You to adjust the height of the suspension according to the current load or the drivers preferences
  • high quality materials used in the production guarantee a long and productive work
  • two-year warranty with unlimited kilometers