Lowering suspension kits

Product description

The MTS Technik® lowering suspension kit is a easy, effective and inexpensive way to improve the optics and handling of Your car. With reduced to a minimum body roll, caused by rapid braking, rapid acceleration and tight curves, You improve the stability and consequently increase safety. The combination of shortened MTS Technik® shock absorbers with MTS Technik® lowering springs will wake up a sporty spirit in every street car. A wide range of references in different lowering variants guarantees that there is something for everyone in the MTS Technik® catalogue.


  • twin-tube construction shock absorbers
  • some rear shock absorbers are height adjustable (adjustable spring plate) - this allows You to adjust the height of the suspension according to the current load or the drivers preferences
  • springs made in a cold torsion technique out ​​of high quality steel and then chemically protected against corrosion
  • many options - slight lowering (about 30mm), wedge-shaped lowering (about 60/40mm) as well as very low versions (about 70-80mm) are available
  • high quality materials used in the production guarantee a long and productive work
  • two-year warranty with unlimited kilometers