About Us

  MTS-Technik® started with the production of suspension elements for the automotive industry. In 2007 a Polish branch and a logistics center was opened. Due to the increasing interest in complex solutions the main profile of the company (production of spring sports) was extended with the production of coilover kits and sport shock absorbers.

   Since its appearance on the market, MTS-Technik® actively participates in many industry events, which help us to keep improve, refine and expand our range of products. Thanks to our consistent and coherent quality - price policy we win more and more market shares as well as a growing group of satisfied customers. According to its users, MTS-Technik® products offer the the best compromise between price and quality. We are confident that our strategy will provide us with long-term, stable growth which will result in many new products in our offer and even more satisfaction with our products.

   At the moment, MTS-Technik® products are recognized in most European countries such as: Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia.